You Won 7

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Gifts Until We Sell Out

Gift #1

Sleek, stealthy, & sharp as hell. One of our teams personal favorite blades.

Gift #2

American as hell – this beauty is an all around ideal EDC. Equipped with a glass-breaker, belt clip, seat belt cutter, and much more. You’ll want to carry this bad boy everyday.

Gift #3

Upgraded with higher quality steel, and a faster opening mechanism. You guys asked for us to bring it back….sorry to keep you waiting.

Gift #4

The assassins blade of choice, with a patriotic spin. Bundled with the 2nd Amendment flag, it’s sure to impress.

Gift #5

Histories deadliest blade with a sleek, studded grip for enhanced handling.

Gift #6

Light up the outdoors, or charge any device, all while recharging this solar power bank using the sun, or a micro USB.

Gift #7

Claim your free sample of freeze dried survival food with a shelf life of 25+ years!


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